When change the face mask? How to keep it clean?

When change the face mask? How to keep it clean?

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The infection has decreased a little work has already begun beyond the lockdown.

Everyone has started leaving the house the mask is a daily companion in this situation.

This is an essential thing to keep in mind at all times. But it is also important to be aware of the use of this mask.

So let’s find out, what kind of mask can be used, how to take care of the mask and when or the old mask should be discarded!

What kind of mask should be used at this time?

Three-layer masks should be used as per the advice of various health organizations.

However, it is necessary to take a good look at whether the nose and face are properly covered with this mask.

It should also be seen that there is no problem with breathing most of the cloth masks are damaged after washing more than once.

When change the face mask? How to keep it clean?

So it is better not to wear the same cloth mask if necessary N95 mask can be taken.

However, be careful when using a single-use mask the mask should be used once and discarded.

How to keep masks neat and clean?

Wearing a mask is now mandatory. So, it is important to keep the masks carefully.

If not washed properly, the masks lose their effectiveness. It is not right to leave it in the open.

The masks should be washed and cleaned by dipping them in lukewarm water or using a disinfection solution.

After that, it should be dried in air or sun. However, it is better not to wash a mask more than once.

When to discard a used mask and get a new one?

The mask should be worn while wearing it so that it can cover the face and nose properly.

If the mask is loose, that is, it does not fit the face properly then it is time to change the mask.

If repeated washing washes the mask’s fabric, causing the yarn to come out or tear, the mask should be discarded immediately.

After all, if the mask does not feel comfortable, then it is better to throw it away and wear a new mask. Keep in mind, the mask also has an expiration date.

How many masks can be kept?

It is wise to wear more than one mask during this infection. Experts say the same thing.

Especially when you go out, it is better to keep more than one mask in the bag. These can be useful when moving from a cold place to a warm place.

A mask can be soaked in sweat, and after a long time, it can cause discomfort.

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So another mask can be taken later at this time for those who are involved in overwork, multiple masks can be put on.

If someone uses a single-use mask, then the mask should be discarded one by one. Do not stay after a mask for a long time.

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