WhatsApp Health Insurance is coming after WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Health Insurance is coming after WhatsApp Pay

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The world is now in the grip of technology WhatsApp talking to all the family and friends.

Scattered in the country India and abroad is going to happen in a moment. Thanks to the digital age, WhatsApp has made communication easier.

In addition to sending money from group chats and video calls, this time WhatsApp will allow you to get health insurance for less money.

WhatsApp’s users will get this facility from State Bank of India General later this year.

The agency said a few days ago, the WhatsApp payments service went live in the country.

This time WhatsApp is coming up with benefits like a pension scheme.

Abhijit Bose, Head of WhatsApp India, said, Every WhatsApp user in this country can easily enjoy basic, financial and all other services through their mobile devices.

For this, WhatsApp has actively partnered with several organizations. We hope to be able to offer low-cost health insurance to customers through the WhatsApp platform later this year. “

WhatsApp Health Insurance is coming after WhatsApp Pay

Bose also tell, Recently, WhatsApp has been working closely with financial institutions, banks, and governments across the

Country India to provide a customer with an easy and interactive experience.

At present, efforts are being made to create a financial platform through Pin box Solutions in association with HDFC Pension.

“We are working on a digital micro-pension,” said the CEO of Pin box, a pension tech company where the matter of pension has been arranged in a very beautiful way.

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Its new features will make WhatsApp a powerful digital platform.

We will be able to easily meet the user’s desire and demand for various information related to a pension through WhatsApp. ‘

The company has partnered with ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, and State Bank of India for WhatsApp payments services.

Since the approval of the Payments Service in November this year, the UPI-based payment service has been made available to over two crore Indians, which has already become quite popular.

The main objective is to make the payment process easier. Just as easily as your text a friend, people can send money to each other.

Some experts claim that the foundation of the country’s economy is getting stronger.

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