What happened if second corona infection? The scientists said

What happened if the second time corona infection?

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Hong Kong has recently recorded the first time in the world that a young man has been corona infection twice by the same person.

This is the first case of official registration twice the same person has been documented in the United States since that incident.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that once the treatment is over, the body does not produce anti-corona antibodies!

Experts have repeatedly warned that once a person recovers from corona, he or she will not be attacked a second time, which is not the case.

Recently, a group of scientists in the journal Nature claimed that a large pair of antibodies against corona could last for two to six months!

The events in Hong Kong and the United States proved that theory to be true.

Evidence has recently emerged that the same person may have been infected with corona twice.

What happened if second corona infection? The scientists said

how dangerous is the second infection of corona?

Evidence of a second corona infection has been found in China, South Korea, and several European countries.

In all those cases, the scientists tested positive for the new corona test report as a result of the first virus being identified.

As a result, even if the person or woman reports positive, they will not feel sick or the virus will not be transmitted from them to others.

Genetic research on the virus has also come to light in the case of young people in Hong Kong.

Scientists have found that people with a second corona infection do not show any symptoms or show any signs of illness.

Anurag Agarwal, director of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, said the second case of corona infection was being reported.

But so far there has been no case of a second infection where the patient has symptoms for the second time or for those who have had corona infection twice.

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K. Srinath Reddy, president of the Public Health Foundation, said that even though antibody levels in the body dropped within three months of recovering from the corona.

T cells immediately identified the virus particles as soon as a new infection occurred.

As a result, the body develops a quick defense system to prevent new infections.

In other words, even if the second corona infection cannot be prevented, there is no risk of harm.

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