The Halloween on 31st October blue moon seen that day

The Halloween and the blue moon will be seen the same day

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Christian people will celebrate Halloween on October 31. The whole world will witness a rare cosmic scene with him.

That night a very rare blue moon can be seen in the sky that day. This very rare blue moon can be seen from all time zones of the world.

However, the fact is that the moon will not look blue at all on that day as we see the full moon so it can be seen.

What is the meaning of the blue moon?

This naming means that if there are two full moons in the same month the second one is called Blue Moon.

Two full moons will be seen in October. The first will be seen on October 1 and the next on the last day of the month October 31.

That is why the full moon on October 31 has been called the blue moon Halloween again that day.

The Halloween on 31st October blue moon seen that day

Experts say that this rare sight is seen seven times every 19 years. That is, every 19 years, the full moon is seen twice a month.

However, this time the blue moon has a little more specialized. That is this blue moon can be seen from all parts of the world. This did not happen again after the Second World War.

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On the night of Halloween, the sky will be waiting for the little ones who will enjoy the trick or treat. The color of the moon but never blue.

So all the pictures that show the blue moon are actually taken with a camera with a special blue filter.

However, it is really rare to see the full moon from all over the world. This is the first time this scene has been seen since 1944.

Blue moons can be seen from other countries in Asia, including India, Europe, North and South America.

In 1948, the second full moon of the first month was named the Blue Moon in the Sky and Telescope magazine.

The proverb Once in a blue moon is used to describe a rare event in English because this scene is rare.

There are 12 full moons in most of the years there are 13 full moons in 2020 due to the blue moon this year.

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