Sufficient sleep can avoid corona infection?

Sufficient sleep can avoid corona infection?

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Sufficient sleep is very important to keep the body healthy. Because if sleep is not good, the brain cannot function properly.

As a result, other works are not done properly. Experts always say that regular 7 to 8 hours of sleep is very important.

Because only if this sleep is good, the body’s immunity is created. This is because of the intensive combination of sleep with this immune system.

However, doctors say that if you get enough sleep, the chances of corona are greatly reduced.

This is because immunity is the main cause of viral infections. The better the body’s resistance to this disease, the more it can fight the disease.

Where is the connection between sleep and immunity?

Tirthankar Mahabir Medical College doctor Hariya and Dr. According to Gupta, sleep does not mean luxury; sleep satisfies the highest bodily needs of the body.

Cytokine is released during sleep which helps prevent infection in the body.

As a result, our bodies produce cytokines, which control our anxiety resulting in better sleep.

So Doctor Nair says, never compromise with sleep get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

This will create immunity in the body and the activity of the brain is also fine.

Cytokine is also produced during sleep which keeps our stress, anxiety low.

But doctors also say that excessive stress, insomnia, but these are the symptoms of the corona.

If you are excited about something if you do not rest then the immune system is weakened which can lead to coronary infections.

The toxins that are released from our body during rest, which makes the head and mind, relax a lot.

Sufficient sleep can avoid corona infection?

According to doctors, sleeping increases the body’s resistance to disease. As a result, the infection does not occur very quickly.

But if you have trouble sleeping, other diseases come and go the infection can come anyway.

Especially those who have other problems like sugar, pressure, hypertension, etc., they can be infected very easily.

It can also happen to those who go out every day but do not follow any rules.

If you come in contact with an infected person in any way, you too can be infected with this virus.

However, even after all this, you should always wash your hands well and wear a mask. All these rules must be followed all the time.

Sincerest deprivation leads to other problems such as mood swings, colds, and other physical ailments, all ages need to have a good night’s nap.

Why too much sleep is not good?

Research says that more rest can easily lead to physical problems like obesity, diabetes, headaches, etc. and as a result of sleeping more, the metabolism of the body does not work properly.

The body may deteriorate problems like thyroid can also come.

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Also, various heart disorders, depression can be. There may even be amnesia. People who sleep more are more likely to have road accidents.

Everyone knows that rest is necessary to keep the body healthy. We have to work to stay healthy. With that, you have to eat properly.

The body is helpful to say that I will continue to torture the body, do not do less than five hours of rest year after year.

It will be the opposite of hits there may be other disorders besides corona. So, build immunity naturally, not in medicine.

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