Suffering for insomnia

Suffering from insomnia? Make five habits to remove it

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You’re feeling irritable, exhausted, tired all day?

Always thinking about office stress or family problems. As a result in not getting enough sleep at night.

And for him, your mood is also bad. Insomnia is a serious disorder.

You will be shocked to hear the number of victims around the world! Sleep problems are seen in almost everyone from children to the elderly.

About 45% of the world’s people suffer from sleep disorders. The cause of insomnia is our daily life.

Advances in technology are doing us some physical harm. Inadequate sleep causes health complications.

Lack of sleep can lead to serious illnesses such as obesity, loss of focus, loss of immunity, and increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Suffering for insomnia

So keep a few things in mind before going to bed at night.

What are the things to keep in mind insomnia don’t suffer you?

1. According to expert advice, young children need 8-9 hours of sleep and adults need 7-8 hours of sleep at night.

Only then will the brain develop and the body will be in good health.

Do you have a habit of drinking coffee before going to bed at night?

If so, replace it. Coffee is a stimulant. It is effective even after six hours of entering the body. So do not drink any caffeinated beverages at all.

It is better not to eat after five in the afternoon. You can have just a little light tea or green tea.

2. Sophisticated technology has prevented sleep at night. To overcome loneliness, many people have made their smartphone the best friend.

Before going to sleep, he is looking at his mobile phone for hours.

Going to bed late at night, rushing to get up early in the morning is bringing darkness to your life.

The bright light of the mobile screen is also damaging your eyes.

So make it a habit to keep the phone away from you for at least an hour before you go to bed.

3. Regular exercise is very good for health. However, if you do yoga exercises for a long time before going to sleep, sleep may be disturbed.

You need always keep in mind. Prolonged yoga exercises increase body temperature and cardiovascular function.

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Many people have the habit of exercising after dinner, in which case you can do meditation and light exercise as an alternative.

4. Sleeping without eating at night is not as good as sleeping, but eating extra food is difficult at night and sleep is not enough.

Eating heavy meals before going to bed or eating too much food at night can cause digestive problems.

In such a hungry body, the sugar level becomes unbalanced and your night’s sleep is disturbed.

5. We all know that smoking is very harmful to the body. Nicotine keeps the body more aware.

While it helps to keep any fatigue out of your body, it disrupts your sleep.

Also, smoking is responsible for serious diseases such as heart attack and cardio.

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