Stomach bloating after eating? Six ways to solve

Stomach bloating after eating? Six ways to solve

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Almost everyone suffers from stomach bloating problems. This problem is mainly due to the tendency towards fast food and outside food.

In this age of busy life gas, stomach bloating have now become a domestic ailment.

Sometimes belching, sometimes sore throat, and sometimes stomach ache.

All these are signs of a gas problem. If it is winter, the problem of gas will get worse.

Stomach bloating after eating? Six ways to solve

Some people are suffering from the gas problem all year round. You are not getting any cure even after taking a handful of medicines.

On the contrary, thousands of diseases and pains are taking up residence in your body without your knowledge.

So this time keep the medicine away, say goodbye to the gas problem.

How to solve Stomach bloating problems?

1. Banana

Banana helps in eliminating excess sodium from the stomach. This can solve your gas problem.

It also can relieve constipation due to collar fiber. Eat at least two bananas everyday collars match the weight to keep the stomach clean.

We all love to eat bananas. However, there is no alternative to the gas problem.

Bananas are rich in potassium, which is a natural antacid to act as a preventative against acid reflux.

Every morning you wake up and eat a banana on an empty stomach. However, 1-2 bananas are fine. Nothing should be eaten too much.

2. Eat basil leaves benefit for Your Stomach

There is nothing new to say about basil leaves. Basil leaves help in the production of mucus in your stomach.

You get up in the morning and drink tea every day! Put some basil leaves in that tea.

Let it boil with tea, eat that tea on an empty stomach, it will taste great. And you, too, will get rid of the pain of gas quickly.

If one does not have the habit of drinking tea in the morning, he can eat it with basil leaves in warm water.

3. Fennel

An ingredient that you can just chew, soak in water, eat with tea. It has many benefits.

It feels good to eat a pinch of fennel after eating a lot of food in a restaurant or invitation house.

There is a sweet and refreshing thing in fennel. However, fennel is not only a mouth wash it is also often used in cooking.

Anise can reduce your gas pain right away. Chewing fennel after eating is not likely to be acidic.

Soak fennel in water before going to bed at night. Eat on an empty stomach the next morning.

Or you can boil it with fennel in hot water with a few mint leaves. This will also get relief from the gas problem.

4. Ginger

For various reasons, the problem of heartburn remains with us. Some people do not leave behind the problem of heartburn.

Ginger can be your beneficial friend in this stomach problem. If you eat a little ginger every day, you will get the benefit of a gas-heartburn problem.

Ginger helps to get rid of flatulence. Ginger digests food very quickly.

So half an hour before eating, grate the ginger and eat it with salt. It will not have the problem of heartburn after eating it will be digested quickly.

5. Lemon Water

Lemon juice removes toxins from the body. Also solves the problem of indigestion and acidity. It helps to get rid of unnecessary, harmful substances from the body.

The result is better urination. The liver stays good. Lemon water helps to keep the body’s pH balance right.

The citric acid in lemons acts as an alkali after metabolism in your body. As a result, Your pH value balance of the blood is maintained.

Eating lemon increases positive energy in the body. Lemon helps to keep the mood good by keeping away anxiety and laziness.

Get up in the morning and drink one glass of hot water with lemon. Lemon water helps to choose which food to eat and which not to eat throughout a single day.

6. Sour yogurt benefit for Your Stomach

Sour yogurt has no alternative. It contains calcium, which prevents gas from forming in the stomach.

You can eat salt mixed with it. It will get better results. The lactic acid in total strengthens the digestive process.

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Sour yogurt is very low in fat and sour yogurt is one of the healthiest foods that are especially helpful in lowering blood cholesterol.

Sour yogurt reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems, stroke, and heart problems.

Constipation is a very painful physical problem. The lactic acid in sour solves your constipation problem.

Also, regular consumption of sour yogurt reduces the risk of colon cancer.

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