PUBG tries to come back to the Indian market

PUBG tries to come back to the Indian market

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One after another companies are rushing to bring PUBG back to India, the much-studied gaming platform.

A few days ago, rumors were circulating that Jio was trying to bring PUBG back to India.

It is now being heard that Airtel is in talks with the PUBG authorities.

According to a recent report, the maker of the game Bluehole (developed and published by PUBG Corporation) a South Korean company wants to re-launch the PUBG Mobile game in India in collaboration with Airtel.

In the past few weeks, the central government has banned PUBG for Chinese additions, data misuse and security errors.

Then the owner of the PUBG Mobile game sat motionlessly.

The South Korean company removed the Chinese company Tencent Games from all management of PUBG Mobile in India.

A recent report from Entrackr claims that Bharti Airtel is in preliminary talks with PUBG at the moment.

At the heart of that discussion is the distribution rights of this gaming platform in India.

PUBG tries to come back to the Indian market

Entrackr mentions in their report, ‘This gaming platform is trying to build a team in India by making it smaller.’

They have already interviewed several candidates with 4 to 6 years of experience.

Entrackr also reports that the company has held initial talks with Jio, but the two companies have not come together.

That’s why the South Korean company is now trying to transfer the distribution rights to a new company.

India is a huge market for any technology or gaming company. The South Korean company had to pay compensation after PUBG was banned in the country.

According to a recent survey, global downloads of this game have dropped by about 26 percent since the ban in India.

The game grew in popularity in June, July, and August. In September alone, the app had 10.6 million downloads worldwide.

That number of downloads was around 25 million and 16 million in June and July, respectively.

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Experts believe that this is the reason why this very popular game has been banned in India.

The same thing happened with this game as Sapuludo went up and down the ladder.

With the rating down this game is no longer on the list of top apps.

That is why this company is looking to make a comeback in India.

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