Prediabetes is harmful than diabetes!

Prediabetes is harmful than diabetes!

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Prediabetes is the next stage of diabetes. Prediabetes means you have diabetes already but are more likely to have it.

It is a condition in which blood sugar levels rise, but do not rise as much as what is called complete diabetes.

However, this level of sugar also causes some unwanted symptoms in the body of the victim.

When your body starts showing signs of diabetes it is called prediabetes.

Simply put, the moment just before diabetes is called. Many people do not know anything special about it.

It is considered riskier than diabetes.

The diabetes expert, said, If sugar is 126 before eating and 180 after eating, everything is fine.

If it is 124 after fasting and 175-169 after eating, it is called prediabetes.

What is prediabetes?

When your blood sugar level is slightly above normal it is called prediabetes.

The doctor further explained, ‘Prediabetes indicates to us that we need to change our lifestyle immediately so that we do not have type-2 diabetes.

On the HBA 1C test, if your sugar is between 4 and 5.7, this is normal.

However, if it falls between 5.7 and 6.4, it is a predisposition. It is worse than diabetes because it damages the kidneys, heart, and muscles.

Prediabetes is harmful than diabetes!

For those whose life span is 6-7 years at this stage, their organs become more damaged.

This situation is extremely dangerous. If it is not controlled in time, there will come a time when the number of diabetic patients will be higher than the general population.

Symptoms of prediabetes-

Diabetes is a chronic condition. It takes a lifetime to get rid of it if you have it.

Having diabetes doesn’t just mean stopping eating sugary and sweet foods it can lead to many health problems.

 1. Frequent urination.

2. High blood pressure.

3. Too tired of not working.

4. Sudden weight gain.

5. You become very thirsty.

6. Increased appetite is also a sign of prediabetes.

7. High cholesterol.

Periods become irregular when women have PCOS. This can be a sign of prediabetes.

If suddenly your problem arises. Go to the doctor immediately. It can also cause prediabetes.

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High cholesterol, if you start to see these symptoms, it is important to check your blood sugar.

A blood sugar test indicates that your blood glucose level is higher than normal.

What is the cause of this disease?

The hormone insulin is an essential hormone for the human body. When it remains unbalanced in our body, it becomes the cause of diabetes.

Increased glucose levels raise blood sugar levels. Eventually, the person becomes diabetic.

The main reason is overweight your body –

People who are overweight or obese have a regular risk of developing diabetes.

People who have excess belly fat have a higher risk of developing diabetes.

Fat cells initiate insulin resistance, and then chronic obesity causes diabetes.

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