Never do these 5 things to keep the washing machine good

Never do these 5 things to keep the washing machine good

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Now washing machines are part of our daily life. In previous washing garments by hands.

In addition to clothes, we clean everything by putting curtains, bedsheets, and sofa set covers in the washing machine.

Clothes with dirty stains that take a lot of time and effort to get through the glass can be easily removed by inserting them into the washing machine and pressing a button but to keep this washing machine good.

Never do these 5 things to keep the washing machine good

Avoid the following few mistakes when using a washing machine –

1. The clothes tag says how he should wear glasses. Most of the garments mention how the garment will look good. If you don’t notice it, you’re in danger.

Because the washing machine can no longer adjust the settings by reading what is written on the tag, you have to do that.

2. Learn how to adjust the settings before running the washing machine. Not all types of clothing or fabric can be washed in one type of setting.

Yes, all right you can now become known as a maker of the Rings. However, for many clothes, you have to set the settings separately.

3. Do not give more detergent as the clothes are dirtier. This damages your machine.

Even if the clothes are very dirty, give as much detergent as you normally need.

Turn the clothes on the machine twice as needed because a lot of the time extra soap sticks to the machine. This results in damage to your machine.

4. Do not leave wet clothes in the machine for a long time after washing.

We often get busy with other things and forget to take the clothes out of the machine and dry them after they are raw.

Keep reminders on mobile if needed. Otherwise, the raw clothes will smell and the machine will be bad.

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5. Do not put all kinds of clothes in the machine together. As a result, the color of one garment may be worse than that of another.

Likewise, this habit is not good for your machine.

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