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Learn how to odor judging at perfume purchase time

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One drop of perfume is enough to make the mind feel good. After bathing, the touch of a little perfume on the skin increases the freshness several times.

However, one prefers a different scent. Some love Mist, some Colon but there are various perfumes available in the market.

Everyone was a little hesitant to buy perfume which to buy and which not to buy. Not everyone knows the use of all perfumes.

However, the perfume available in different names is given according to the number of essences or fragrances.

Of course, the price also varies. This method of making it different.

The price of perfume

The highest price is perfume because it has the most essence. As a result, the extract of the scent is more open.

This is because perfumes contain the most essential oils. There are also natural ingredients.

However, the higher the amount of alcohol in the scent, the lower the price. The stability of the scent also depends on the oil used.

That’s why scent comes first. Then comes OD perfume, OD toilet, OD colon.

When to apply perfume

There are also specific times for applying perfume. For example, if there is a program in the morning, it is better not to apply scent.

Also, the best colon or body mist after bathing. As comfortable as it is, it also feels very fresh.

But at night, you must use its scent. But first, understand what kind of smell you like.

Because the smell depends on personality people know by smell. Some scenes may suit your friend, but there is nothing that will suit you.

Perfume bottle

Many also have allergies to the smell. The smell is a problem for many people.

Many perfumes contain high levels of alcohol, which can cause rashes on clothing. Those who sweat more will buy perfume.

How to apply perfume

But do not apply perfume everywhere. Spray scent at least five inches away from the body can spray on the wrist.

Also, spray at the junction of the wrist and elbow can neck spray in some places where the smell lasts for a long time.

However, never spray scent directly on clothing. It leaves stains. Stains also subside in subsequent reactions with detergents.

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Apply scent but do not rub. However, it is best to apply scent after bathing.

Before going anywhere, take a bath and apply scent after dressing. It will also look fresh. The smell will also last quite a while.

How to keep perfume

There are several rules for keeping perfume. Never place any scent next to a bottle of oil or shampoo in the bathroom.

The smell goes away. Also do not place where the sun comes. Keep the best-boxed scent.

Try to keep it in the cupboard. It is best to keep it in a wooden cupboard.

Be careful when buying scent

Don’t buy perfume from any store. Buy from reputable stores. Be sure to check it out online also.

If you can order from a well-known site too much discount means that scent is not good because 35 ml of a well-branded scent will cost at least three thousand rupees.

Scent as a gift

The price of the scent is already high. Also, not everyone’s choice is the same. So before giving scent to someone as a gift, you must take a look.

You gave him a big kit, and he didn’t use it, but that’s bad. You can give scented candles as a gift.

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