Google Meet support add a custom video call background

Google Meet support to add a custom video call background

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Google brings new features on the famous video calling platform Google Meet.

This time users will be able to change their backgrounds as they wish during video calls on Google Meet.

New custom backgrounds can be added. For now, web users will get the benefit of it.

This means that Google Meet desktop users can now use this feature. It will start working on Android and iOS versions later.

In this case, you can select images from Google’s library with the background changing option.

Google detailed this in a blog post on October 31. In this case, this background changing option will usually be off.

To use this option, Google Meet users need to turn it on manually. That means you have to turn on this feature manually.

How to change the Google Meet video call background?

To change the background, users must first select a meeting. Then select the ‘Change Background’ option at the bottom right of the screen.

Only then can the background be changed. And custom backgrounds can be added.

If you want to change the background during a live call, click on the three vertical lines on the right, and change the background image.

In this case, background blur can also be done without using pictures.

According to Google, this custom background feature works directly in the browser.

No additional software or extensions are required to enable these features.

Google Meet support add a custom video call background
Image Source – Google Image credit- clicklancashire

This custom background option currently works on Chrome iOS and Chrome browsers for Windows and Mac desktop devices.

Work from home is running in most cases during the coronation period. That’s why so many people are using Google Meet.

But a big issue, in this case, is the visual confusion. Many times various strange events or pictures come to mind in the background.

The goal of this update is to avoid visual confusion in the background. Note that this feature is available to everyone.

This feature can be used by general users of Google Meet as well as customers of Google Workspace and Enterprise.

However, the education customers of G Suite are not getting this facility at present.

According to Google, education customers will not be able to add photos of their choice during video calls.

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Earlier in September, Google added a cancellation feature to Google Meet for the background noise filter.

However, this feature is currently limited to G Suite Enterprise, especially for education customers.

It is unknown at this time what Google will do after leaving the post hope this service start as soon as possible.

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