Facebook features get to watch together with the video chat

Facebook features get to watch together with the video chat

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Every day new features for the past few months, Facebook has been looking at one feature after another.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platform with three more features on Wednesday (19th November).

However, these three features are mainly for Messenger and Instagram, a photo and video sharing platform.

What are the three new features?

The first feature – Is called ‘Watch Together‘ with this new feature, users of Instagram or Messenger will be able to enjoy many benefits at once through video chat.

Facebook features get to watch together with the video chat
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Starting from IGTV, Reels, TV shows, movies, and trending videos can be visualized in video chat on a real-time basis with friends or loved ones.

The second feature – is the addition of a new chat theme on behalf of Facebook. Facebook has come up with special tie-dye and love so emojis to make any conversation more personal.

This allows users to send such special emojis when chatting privately from Messenger or Instagram.

The third feature – that Facebook has come up with is the vanish mode. This vanishes mode will work for Messenger.

This vanishing mode of Messenger will work in the same way that the disappearing messages feature works in WhatsApp also.

Once you turn on this vanish mode from Facebook, if you send a message to a contact, and if he sees it, the message will vanish automatically. Even if you close the chat, it will disappear.

The person who sent the message, who is visualizing the vanish mode, can take a screenshot of the chat. Otherwise, you will never see that chat again there no option is available.

 How to use this feature?

This feature description Facebook blog writes, To turn on this option, first swipe up your mobile device in a chat, then you will go into vanish mode.

Swipe up again to return to the regular chat option. That’s it! Now you can send memes, GIFs, stickers, reactions, whatever you want to send to your friends & family.

You can also send something that you are usually afraid to send, lest someone else see your SMS.

You can send them now without fear because when you see that message in your contacts, that chat will automatically disappear.

However, Facebook has confirmed that this feature will also keep all the confidential information of the users safe.

That is why vanish mode has been brought only for the chat option. Besides, you have the power to decide whether to turn on the vanish mode for any contacts!

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Also, if someone takes a screenshot of your chat, you will receive a notification. This feature will first launch in Messenger then it will work no Instagram also.

According to Facebook, this vanishes mode will be launched in both Messenger and Instagram.

This Facebook vanishes Mode is currently being launched in America and a few countries.

The feature will be launched in India and other parts of the world as soon as possible, according to Facebook.

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