Crack in the magnetic field protects from the sun's eclipse

Crack in the magnetic field protects from the sun’s eclipse

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NASA has unveiled a sensational report on the change in the earth’s magnetic field.

According to the NASA report, the layer that surrounds the earth is now in danger!

There are already large cracks across the huge space of the level. Look for a protective cover or hole in the shield.

The layer that surrounds the earth, that is now in danger!

As a result, that layer is gradually getting thinner and its capacity is also decreasing this is called South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA).

Due to the huge cracks in this geographical layer, it is splitting into two parts over time this special name has been given keeping in mind its geographical location because this place is falling on South America and the South Atlantic Ocean.

Crack in the magnetic field protects from the sun's eclipse

NASA has unveiled a sensational report on the change in the earth’s magnetic field.

As a result, this level protects the earth from all that NASA says the cracks are not directly affecting public life right now.

But recent reports indicate that the risk is increasing day by day. Because day by day this crack is getting deeper.

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This magnetic field is very important for the research of NASA scientists Depending on how much the air level will change.

It has been observed that the cracks in this particular layer are so large that the layer is divided into two parts As a result, the level of force decreases.

Problems in this magnetic field started many years ago This field has changed its path from the north to the light.

The European Space Agency (ESA) estimates that the magnetic field has lost 9 percent of its power over the past 200 years.

However, the depletion of the South Atlantic anomaly or SSA is accelerating About 6 percent of it has been lost since 1980.

What could be the problem?

It has been reported that whenever a satellite passes by this SSA, there is a risk of colliding with high energy protons from the sun.

Because the weakness of the magnetic field is increasing and it will not be able to protect it from anything coming from the sun.

There may also be problems with satellite computers, On the other hand, as the crack gradually gets bigger, the scattering of the sun will increase, so that the brightness of the sun will be felt more.

Satellite missions are being affected?

Meanwhile, SAA has been building on the surface of the earth for decades.

But now the rate of thinning of its lining has increased.

This is having the biggest impact on the world’s satellite missions or satellite missions.

In addition, NASA also reports that the impact of this large crack is not directly affecting human life, but the risk of danger is increasing day by day.

The reason is that this crack is getting deeper as the day goes on.

Some services may be affected?

Meanwhile, this magnetic field of the earth is spread in space up to several lakh kilometers.

Another name for it is the ‘geomagnetic field’. It is this magnetic field that saves us every moment from the horrific solar radiation as well as the scattering of highly toxic cosmic rays.

Damage at this level is likely to have a devastating effect on satellite missions as well as the Earth’s telecommunications, power connections, and navigation systems in the near future.

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