Corona resistant T-cells present in the human body

Corona resistant T-cells present in the human body

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Hundreds of scientists around the world are working on vaccines, drugs, and antibodies to prevent corona infections.

More than one country in the world is on the verge of making vaccines.

A number of effective drugs for the treatment of corona have also entered the market.

However, in all of this, scientists have found strong special cells that resist the virus.

This is according to a recent report published in the journal Cell Reports Medicine.

Nadia Roan, a scientist at the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco who was involved in the study, said the CyTOF method was used to identify T-cells in the body according to their nature.

Scientists claim that these T-cells destroy the protein lining of corona cells, destroying the viability of the virus.

Not only coronavirus, this special T-cell is able to build resistance against any disease by increasing the body’s immune system!

Scientists claim that these T-cells and antibodies play an important role in preventing viral infections and at the same time strengthening the body from within.

What is a T-cell?

T-cells are a type of white blood cell that is part of our body’s immune system and its (immune system) activity.

These T-cells maintain our health by resisting the infection of viruses, bacteria or fungi that enter the body.

Scientists at the Gladstone Institute claim that this special T-cell is present in the human body.

These T-cells enter the cell and destroy the virus protein, reducing its effectiveness or infecting ability.

This new information, published by scientists, naturally took a new turn in coronavirus research.

Corona resistant T-cells present in the human body
T- cell

How can this T-cell work prevent corona?

T cells are actually a lot like infantry.

Who carries the protein on their shoulders to fight the corona virus.

In the case of coronaviruses, the T cell forces enter the cells where the virus enters.

He was able to fight the virus by fighting properly, the evidence has been found in the test.

Some special T cells have been found in the body of a patient who recovered from the stork virus 16 years ago, which is playing an important role in this corona fight.

Another important factor is that 50 percent of those infected with the virus during the stork epidemic have coronary infections.

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The rest are healthy from this observation, scientists have come to the conclusion that T cells have played an important role in this regard.

Researchers believe that this type of T cell still retains the “memory” of the supernatural.

As a result, the cell will now be able to fight against another species of coronavirus, the stork virus.

How useful is the T-cell in that situation?

According to the researchers, T-cells will be effective in the body of patients who have a cough and fever. The role of the rest is still being tested.

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